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About Us

K3C Community Counselling Centres
offers a variety of services geared toward helping our clients overcome adversity.

K3C's Vision: Significantly improve social and emotional well-being.

K3C's Mission: Provide quality counselling and support in order to encourage individual and family strengths.

K3C's Principles: (1) All people have the right to dignity and respect and to be treated fairly and honestly; (2) Resources should be accessible to all people; and (3) Healthy communication is to be fostered and encouraged. 

K3C is a not-for-profit counselling agency governed by a volunteer board of directors. K3C is a registered charity in Canada and a member agency of the United Way. Funding for our services comes from a variety of sources, including generous support from United Way donations, government grants, and voluntary contributions from community members. Funding allows K3C to offer professional counselling at little or no cost so that we may achieve our vision, mission, and principles.

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