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"Our mission is to provide quality counselling and support in order to encourage individual and family strengths."

K3C Community Counselling Centres
has 11 programs providing services and information to more than 10,000 people in 2008/09. In most cases, there is a waiting period to see a counsellor. Wait times exist due to funding restraints.

Our funding comes from several sources. One is client fees. The ability to pay is not a barrier to receiving counselling. Need cannot be assessed in this manner. Our Family and Youth Counselling programs are funded by United Way, client fees and generous donations such as yours.

A donation of $1 per day provides:

  • a family with communication issues, a way to learn to listen and appreciate the differences in each other
  • a couple, the opportunity to work on a relationship which has changed and evolved into something unfamiliar
  • a teenager, a safe place to discuss peer pressure, relationships and feelings
  • a single parent, a chance to learn how to cope with doing it all
  • a positive summer experience for a child experiencing social, emotional and /or behavioural difficulties
  • group activities and discussions to help children improve self-esteem, build confidence, and develop problem solving and leadership skills.

K3C Community Counselling Centres is a registered charity. Donations to K3C are greatly appreciated and the donor receives a charitable donation receipt.

Make a Donation
Current Groups
Kingston Groups 

Women's Drop-in Group - Every Tuesday, 1:30 - 3pm @ 417 Bagot St.

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