' What facilitators expect from group members

Thursday, June 22, 2017     |
What facilitators expect from group members

In order to ensure our groups provide a healthy atmosphere for everyone, we have certain expectations for all group members. For example, you need to be comfortable sharing your thoughts in a respectful way while showing respect to others when they talk about their ideas, feelings and values.

Each member must be:

 - able to respect the confidentiality of the other participants
 - drug and alcohol free for at least 6 months
 - free of violence within his intimate relationships
 - at least one year without being admitted to a psychiatric hospital
 - capable of talking about and listening to stories of sexual abuse without extreme upset
 - able to commit to attending all the sessions and be on time

Before joining the Male Sexual Abuse Survivors Group, you will need to complete an interview with one of the group facilitators. The group facilitators will determine whether you are ready for the group. Once you have been registered you will be given any introductory materials and advised of the start date and time. If the group is full when you call in, you will be asked whether you wish to be kept on a waiting list in case someone cancels their registration, or for future groups.

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