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Trusteeship Programs

K3C offers these voluntary programs which provide financial management for individuals who are in need of support during difficult times. K3C manages all finances by assuming complete control over all transactions.

Student Trusteeship is offered in Kingston. Referrals are made via Ontario Works for youth between the ages of 16-18.  Call 613-549-7850

Belleville Trusteeship is offered in Belleville. Referrals come from individuals and community agencies.  Call 613-966-3556

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Women's Drop in Group  - Tuesday afternoons

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends - read the Rebuilding Group Benefits

 Call to register 613-549-7850 

Adult Male Sexual Abuse Survivors Group    Next start date February 2, 2015 -  April 27, 2015  5:30 - 7:30 pm 

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